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Rescue Horses

A mission of mine is to re-home rescue horses using Natural Horsemanship methods. We primarily specialize in horses that can be trained and re-homed without the need of special long term medical care. I have had encounters with a lot of unfortunate horses. This sweet below 'Divante' reminded me once again what I felt was my calling. I want to help give these horses a second chance. 

    Divante, 7 yr old Arabian Gelding

Photo taken on the 5th day at my home. The vet said he still needed 200 pounds.

Divante is who I began my journey with. I bought him in the summer of 2005.

I saved him from becoming slaughtered or auctioned. He was 7 yrs old and never

had a saddle on him. He was thin (in 1 month), barely knew how to lead, and had

issues with picking up his feet (which were very long). He also has an upright heel

on his left front. He was free to a horse trader (unknowingly to the previous owner).

The original owner was an 82 yr old breeder who had to retire, and he gave him

to the terrible man I rescued him from. This horse had no chance. He had to go to an

experienced horseman who cared. I have given him a second chance to have a good life.

All healthy, happy and full of spirit.

At his new home on the beach following at liberty.

Shah, 3 yr old Stallion

This is the same night we picked him up. He was very difficult to catch. He barely had any handling for 2 years.

He hated people and would threaten to kick. He was covered in mud and standing knee deep in mud with no shelter.

His halter was going over the front of his left ear, and pushing against the back of his right ear.

He had proud flesh in that ear and needed antibiotics. His ear is fine and fully healed.

He was also infested with worms. He needed 3 dewormers in a month to get rid of them.

He needed daily vitamins and more weight to boost his health in order to get casterated.

This is 4 months later. He has been gelded, vaccinated, and is now worm free.

He loves to run and play. He loves attention. He is healthy, sweet, and very smart.

He has been started under saddle and ready to finished your way.

Update: Shah has a new home. He is doing fantastic with his new owner.

They are a great match. Congratulations to Shauna and Shah!

We have helped several horses get placed in new homes.

Their incredible stories will be added soon!!!

To Contact Us: Home 541-536-8323, Cell 541-788-0444,

or E-Mail Us


If there is a horse that I can't help. I have 2 local Rescue Services to recommend:


Hooves and Halos Animal Rescue Inc in Redmond Oregon, 541-504-0935 [email protected] They are a 501 (c) (3) non-profit animal rescue in Central Oregon which deals primarily with horses. Their mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and re-socialize abused, neglected, starving or slaughter-bound horses and find long-term, loving new homes for the mistreated animals.

Blissful Acres Animal Rescue "Providing quality care and lifestyle for all large animals as long as they need it." 541-388-0922, [email protected] We educate our community about care and handling of large animals. Provide information about HOW to identify abused or neglected animals and HOW to report that information. We teach HOW to take care of animals through hands on training and educational materials. We help law enforcement become more informed on the needs of animals and the safe handling of them. We help families in time of need with animals issues.