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About Us and Our Mission

We practice natural horsemanship. I take courses and lessons every year to keep my education up to date, and continue my progression of natural horsemanship, and understanding of horse behavior. I pass on this knowledge to my family members that assist with the farm. We love what natural horsemanship can do for the horseman and the equine relationship and partnership.

A mission of ours is to rehabilitate and re-home rescue horses, and help horses and their owner's that have difficulties with handling and don't have to resources for training. We specialize in horses that can be trained and re-homed without special long term medical care. If a horse does not fit this description, we do have resources that can help.

We have seen a lot of horses who are older, untrained to ride, and are unsafe on the ground just like Divante. Those are the horses that need the most help. They are scared, untrusting, and are not used to being handled by people. We have seen natural horsemanship methods work wonders on these types of horses.

The horse that I began this journey with is a gelding that I bought in the summer of 2005 that sealed my goals (rehabilitate and train horses) to my heart. I saved him from potentially becoming slaughtered, or auctioned. He was 7 yrs old and had very little done with him, and very nervous around people. He was very thin (in 1 month), barely knew how to lead, and had issues with picking up his feet (which were very long). He also has an upright heel on his left front. He was free to a horse trader (unknowingly to the previous owner). The original owner was an 82 yr old breeder who had to retire, and he gave him to this man (who seemed nice at the time) that I rescued him from. This horse didn't seem to have much of a chance. He had to go to an experienced horseman who cared, and fast because of his condition. I have given him a second chance to have a good life. I have had encounters with a lot of unfortunate horses, but this sweet horse reminded me once again what I felt was my calling. I want to help give these horses a second chance. Divante is a good example of what natural horsemanship methods can do for a horse's future. See Divante's photos on the Rescue Horse page.

I have started several horses under saddle the past 25 years. I was first introduced to natural horsemanship 14 years ago. I attended my first natural horsemanship clinic with Dave Williams, a former student of Tom Dorrance. I've learned about ground work and safe handling. We're always learning more effective communication skills to teach horses the way they learn best. Our mission is to spread the word that there is a better way. We want to share our experiences with natural horsemanship. This has been a dream of mine for many years. The desire will never leave me. 

Keeping it Natural


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